School Life

Rules & Regulations

  1. Attendance
    1. Have  to be punctual and regular to school
    2. 80% attendance is required to appear  in Final/Board Exam
    3. Student absent even a single day should bring an application / Diary Record duly signed by their parents/guardians with appropriate reason.
    4. Student absent for more than one week without informing school can be a subject to expulsion.
  2. Daily Dress / Get-up
    1. Uniform : ( Sunday to Tuesday )
      1. Proper uniform : School shirt with logo, Girls’ Skirts – waist to knee length / Boys’ Trousers – waist to ankle length  with plates at front and 15 inches hem at the bottom, school's Tie and Belt
      2. Wednesday to Friday : House dress as per respective house with white socks and white shoes
    2. Hair
      1. No Colours (including mehendi) in hair
      2. Boys’ hair trimmed well
      3. Girls’ hair tied properly in two plates with white ribbon and with house dress with house ribbon
    3. Shoes
      1. Well polished simple black shoes ( without style )
    4. Shocks
      1. Plain Blue  (School's socks)
    5. Nails
      1. Trimmed and without nail polish
    6. No Mehendi on hands
    7. No students will be allowed to use cosmetic items in the school uniform even not the coloured chap-sticks.
  3. Water and Tiffin
    1. Bring your own water bottle everyday
    2. Bring cooked food for tiffin.
    3. No junk food, No chewing gum in school premises.
    4. During Lunch-Break eat tiffin in your respective class rooms
    5. Use Dustbins, do not throw wrappers and food items here and there.
  4. Exams
    1. All the students have to compulsorily appear in all class tests and exams
    2. School bags are not allowed during terminal examinations.
    3. Students cheating or involved in irregular activities in the examinations will be expelled from the school.
    4. The students must inform the parents to take the results of every examination as per school notice.
  5. School Diary and Routine
    1. Students from Grade one to ten must get their parents/guardian’s sign in the daily activities page of the diary everyday before coming to school.
    2. Students must bring all needed books, copies and stationeries as per the daily routine.
  6. Extra and Co-curricular Activities
    1. All the students have to take part in different activities of their choice during ECA time, sports day, parents day or any other program conducted by the school during a academic year.
    2. Students showing indiscipline during those activities are disqualified for further participation.
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Do not bring any type of electronic gadgets (CDs, Mobile, MP3 player, Pen Drive, Camera etc)
    2. No ornaments (Only tiny and simple ear-rings for girls are accepted)
    3. No ornamental or sporty watch
    4. Do not bring any extra things (like key rings or other hangings of bag)
    5. Language speaking (English only in the premises and school bus)
    6. No Slang words or any violent act like breaking desks, benches, plugs, fans, toilet fittings, fighting etc.
    7. The students indulging in these activities will be expelled from school.
    8. Except sports period, do not come out in the ground during class hours
    9. Not allowed to go any place (like restaurant, bakery, cyber etc) in the school uniform even not to go for private tuition in school uniform.
    10. Do not drive Motor-Bike in school uniform.
    11. No money to be carried by students to school (in emergency only Rs 50 can be carried)
    12. No gathering for Birthday celebration with school's friends in or anywhere without school’s permission.
    13. No spitting on the stairs, ground or anywhere else, it’s a bad habit. Use rest room  pans for spitting.
    14. Students must not use daily news papers and magazines with models as cover in books and copies.
    15. Students with copied homework will be detained for one hour in library and asked to do the same homework again. If detained for three times, the students will be expelled from school from one day.
  8. Request for the Parents :
    1. Don’t allow your child to get absent on small petty  matters
    2. Don’t send unknown person to school to get the students back home.
    3. Don’t allow students to use mobiles and other gadgets during study hours.
    4. Don’t ask for excuse on behalf of students for their mistakes..let the child realize the mistakes themselves.
    5. Parents / Guardians are requested to sign the daily dairy of their children to get note of their home works and class works.  
    6. School will send notice regarding the change in school calendar if any.
    7. Please confirm with the school before sending the students to school during emergency and strikes.
    8. Please confirm the absent of your child with information to school. Please visit school now and then to consult the teachers for your child’s progress and behavior.
    9. Please provide confirm phone numbers to contact you in case of emergency.
  9. Time for Parents / Guardians Meeting with Teachers :
    1. Everyday between 12:30  to 1:00 pm.
  10. School Timing :
    1. Morning : Class Eight and Ten for Morning Class : 8:45 am
      1. School Assembly Time : 9:30 am
    2. Afternoon : Summer : Nursery to Grade Three : 3:10 pm
      1. Grade Four to Ten : 4:00 pm
    3. Winter : Nursery to Grade Three : 2:50 pm
      1. Grade Four to Ten : 3:35 pm



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