My glourious thirteen years

Date: Mar 16, 2012 | By: Sumit Manandhar



Thirteen years ago I kept my first step in this school with tears in eyes and yelling that ¨ ma school najaane¨ but today I am so familiar that I don’t want to leave this school. I  got lot of affections and love towards it that I feel really sad to know that its time to leave the school where I spent my glorious thirteen years. There are lot of memories from this school and they are all the precious gifts for me.

The first letter I learn to write and read is the best gift from VS. I got my golden chance to expand my knowledge. All the good characters are the result of the education I got from VS. I am really thankful to VS for what I got. Not only good education but also the moral characters like discipline, good manners, punctuality and honesty are the things I got from here. In addition, I also received some other chance to make myself more able to be active in different extra curricullar activities and build various useful talents in me.

In the glorious thirteen years I got my second home where the teachers acted as the guardians. Their suggestions cum scolding always made me punctual and disciplined. Hira sir`s slap and scolding always played as the role of father for me. Though he acts harsh from out but he is too emotional from inside. Along with father I also got other guardian whose inspirational words made me able to be good. I will always miss them and their words for eternity.

Friendship is beautiful and in the abcence of it life is like a mess. I also got some special and wonderful friends. We have the group named 7vens of the members Aavash Bhaila, Nitesh Baidhya, Rahul Shrestha, Suraj Maharjhan, Manish Pandey, Ashin Pote, Yonesh Pote and of course me myself; we spent most of our time in laughing. There is not a single day spent without laugh. We were forward in doing  mischievous things but we were equally forward schools programme like farewell, teacher`s day and so on. Besides 7vens there are other friends with whom I have shared beautiful moments and are the special parts of my life.

The last thirteen years are very special for me and the every second I spent are wonderful days for me. I  will always miss my glorious thirteen years.   I got many things from this school  and I hope that the school will earn its name and fame more than now. LONG LIVE VS.

-Sumit Manandhar      11th Batch-

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