Going To Miss-You VS

Date: Mar 13, 2012 | By: Sangam Bhandari


                               Going To Miss-You VS
I didn't think that I would be an Ex-Student of Vidhya Sagar before but when I reached class 10 some type of different thoughts arose in my mind. I didn't believe that now it was my turn to be an S.L.C. Graduate and be the Ex-Student of Vidhya Sagar .
When I first arrived at this schools Nursery  section holding my mum's finger, I used to think the school as a boring place to spend a day, But the love and care of Manju Miss attracted me towards the school. But unfortunately when I was at grade U.K.G due to some reason, I shifted to another school of Jhapa. And again after two years, I came back to Banepa. That time I got an opportunity from my dad to choose a school where I wanted to establish my future. Taking that oppurnity as boon and by collecting the thoughts of the love and care gained from Manju Miss I lastly concluded at choosing VS and joined this school by resuming my studies from class 2. Till these last days from class 2, I learned from many teachers and found all of them as a senior friend to me and trying their best to give me the best education. I was also fortunate in some way that I got such a respectful and dutyful principal Mr, Hira Sharma Nepal. Who is very friendly towards his students and teachers.
At last by saying "Going To Miss-You  VS and All its Teachers" I want to conclude my thoughts and sayings.                                           
THANK YOU:-                                                           
                                                             By:- Sangam Bhandari
                                                                   (Aaditya Bhandari)  
                                                                     11th Batch 

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