Don't try this at home

Date: Oct 09, 2011 | By: Pramit Manandhar

Never ever do it.

Requirements needed to burn you room.

1. Oil 2. Water 3.Fire 4.Kettle or Bhaada whatever just

Put the oil in the kettle and burn it with fire. Yes the oil is heating.

Now never ever try to put the water in the kettle or your room is gone.

This is because when the oil is heating it is anxious to come out(well we may have experienced when cooking). And when water is added, the oil comes out from the kettle and contacts with fire to produce a massive fire enough to burn 4 people at a time.

So, never try this at home or face the result of not listening to me.

                                                                           Pramit Manandhar

                                                                       Source:- Time Warp

                                                                        Discovery channel

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