Date: Oct 09, 2011 | By: Pramit Manandhar

How can you charaterize mammals? Some tips

1. If the external ear is available or not.

2. If the young ones are breast fed or not.

3. If they give birth or not. (but monetrome mammals lay eggs.)

4. If there is a socket of eye ball or not.

5. If there is a higher level of intelligence or not.

6. If they have fur in the body or not.

These tips helps you to classify mammals. There are 3 types of mammals existing today.

1. Monetromes or egg laying mammals. Eg:-Platypus and spiny                anteaters

2. Marsupials or mammals carrying babies in pouch

Eg: Kangaroo, koala and almost all australian mammals except dingo and other monetromes

3. Placental or giving birth through placenta. Eg:-dog, cat, elephant,deer, rhinoceros, monkeys, dolphins, whales and of course humans.

An another type of mammals is Symmetrodonts which became extinct in late Cretaceous with dinosaurs extinction.

Today placental mammals are found everywhere ruling the world and are too supressing the marsupials mainly in Australias where kangaroos are being less effective against placentals like dingos.

According to the genetic researches humans are closest to chimpanzees then gorillas and monkeys which is classified in Primates while Primates' closest relatives are Rodents or rats, squirels, mole, capybara,etc.

Mammals like Bengal tiger, Red panda, Giant Panda, Asiatic lion(ones roamed entire Europe and Asia these lions are now only in Gujrat.), Rhinoceros, Chimpanzees, etc are endangered dew to fur trade mostly as well as for horns and tusks.

We are killing our own cousins then we only won't be able to survive in this world without other mammals so lets preserve the life in the world.



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